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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

“Analysis and modeling of nucleoids seen by electron-cryo-tomography”

Andrew Jewett

Jensen Lab

Condensed bundles of DNA occasionally appear in electron microscopy images of bacteria taken since 1970. These condensed nucleoids were thought to be artefacts or a form of stress response. Analysis of the tomograms from 83 different bacterial species imaged using electron-cryo-tomography (ECT) reveal that these condensed phases of DNA nucleoids are not artefacts and are quite common (%30). Using genome-scale coarse-grained simulations of DNA, we are able to reproduce both crystalline DNA and more traditional "bottlebrush" DNA morphologies seen by EM and LM. We find that crystalline DNA morphologies can form passively without need for specialized DNA packing machinery.

“Decoding the regulatory genome in E. coli

Nathan Belliveau

Phillips Lab

Organisms across all domains of life must make regulatory decisions in response to changing environments. The decision about when and where to turn on transcription in bacteria is mainly controlled through the binding of transcription factors to promoter regions of the DNA. However, while the catalog of bacterial genomes continues to expand rapidly, we remain ignorant about how almost all of the genes in these genomes are regulated. Here we show how a combination of massively parallel reporter assays, mass spectrometry, and information-theoretic modeling can be used to dissect bacterial promoters.

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