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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"Crosstalk between biological and synthetic nitrogen fixation"

Matthew Chalkley 

Peters Lab

The mechanism of biological nitrogen fixation is experimentally challenging to interrogate and remains poorly defined. Recent improvements have enabled the catalytic reduction of nitrogen to ammonia at overpotentials similar to that of nitrogenase by a synthetic Fe model complex. Studying the mechanism in these functional model systems can potentially provide insight into the individual N–H bond forming steps that underlie the biological mechanism. This talk will attempt to draw general lessons for nitrogen fixation from a comparison of these two systems.

"Genome-wide unbiased experimental genetics"

David Angeles

Sternberg Lab

The generation of targeted mutants was historically the bottleneck for genetic analysis. Now, phenotype determination is the rate‑limiting step. Expression profiling presents a solution to this problem. We show transcriptomes reveal strong signals when studied via genetics. In genetic interaction analyses, these signals can be used as phenotypes to quantify epistasis between two genes. In an allelic series, these signals correspond to modules that reveal molecular structures and biological functions within a single gene. We will show how a transcriptome-wide epistasis coefficient can be computed and interpreted and how to perform complementation tests using transcriptomic phenotypes.

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